Toolika receives Power of Award for year 2020

Toolika receives Power of Award for year 2020

The mission “The Power of ONE” is about the ability of a PERSON who can change the life of a child through education, be a role model and a dedicated individual to bring positive change in community. Toolika Mittal Garg is chosen to receive “Power of One” Award yearly. Be Educated team on behalf of Power of One is thankful for her dedication and services. This award was presented during Celebrating Legacy for MLK – Creating Hope for 2021 event on Jan 23rd 2021 by Delaware Senator Hon. Bryan Townsend.

By profession Toolika is a teacher in India and passionate to help children in need. She has been associated with several charity organizations.

Selection for Award: Toolika has demonstrated elevated qualities of leadership, services and dedication. During the difficult time of pandemic when many people were in dire need, she stood up and brought community together, encouraged, motivated and has done exemplary work understanding the social problems and came up with innovative solutions.

She initiated success academy programs for very young children of very low income area in cities to help those kids who lacked online study resources and their family could not even afford the school fees, as the result these children were completely left out of study. She led her team of Be Educated to run these programs where children could continue their learning in a COVID safe environment while having fun and treats.