Success Academy started in slum area during pandemic

Success Academy started in slum area during pandemic

With the COVID pandemic affecting most of the world, this year has been eventful.

One of the Most affected areas was children’s’ education. Let’s make a wish that no child is left behind because of this pandemic. At Be Educated we took a small step towards this goal and started a program called “Success Academy for Rising Stars” in seven slum areas across India.

This 25-week program is designed for children age 6-10 years living in slum areas. Our plan is to engage those children with pandemic-safe educational activities. We are enrolling 40-45 children at each location and will provide each child a bag filled with workbooks, coloring supplies, educational materials and games, uniforms, and two face masks (during pandemics).

This project is designed not only to help children but to provide job opportunities for needy youth and help local businesses. For each location, we have budgeted $2,000 that covers the teachers’ payment, supplies, food, and uniform cost.

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  1. Lucknow, India Ballu Adda (started)
  2. Lucknow, India Luv Kush Nagar Slum (started)
  3. Slum in Dehradun, India (started)
  4. Slum in Indore, India (started)
  5. Slum in Rajkot, India (started)
  6. Slum in Chennai, India
  7.  Slum in Pune, India

Program Coordinator

Toolika Garg – 91-83750 65167
Barkha Harjani – 91-90260 75518

Covid19 guidelines: This will NOT be a regular classe. Volunteers will follow the pandemic guidelines and local regulations. Face mask and social distancing are required for all. During each session teachers will provide small assignment and children will complete them at their home and return them to the teacher. The teacher will work with only two students at a time.  A maximum of three assignments will be given to the children per session.

While performing group activities volunteers must follow local guidelines and any group activities must be conducted outside.