Chetna’s Success – Story that Inspires

Chetna’s Success – Story that Inspires

Every child has a dream, so do have Chetna, a small girl who born and bought up in poverty and spent her childhood in foster school. Yet her eyes knitted dreams of becoming successful and bring herself and her family out of incessant poverty. Whenever she heard the roaring sound of boing flying in the sky, her ears were filled with a music of joy as she had a dream to pursue her career in aviation industry. But it was a distant and seemingly impossible reality!

Chetna’s father passed due a uncurable disease away when she was little, her mother was a housemaid, living in a slum, earning a meagre income of Rs 3000 per month that too in a big city Nagpur, Maharashtra. Her elder brother is Rudra, who was living in and supported by the Home for Angels. Chetna also lived and did her schooling from a foster care.  As Chetna was growing, so was her dream, although she was clueless, yet her determination was strong.

One day, Be Educated team member, Amit Nageshwar visited Ruddra house, goal was to meet him in person and provide career counselling as he just returned from Home from Angel after finishing his 12th grade, that’s where Amit came to know about Ruddra’s sister Chetna’s, a hard-working girl pursuing her college and same time working at hospital to support her mom and his brother. Amit requested Be Educated to support Chetna. It was a turning point for Chetna: the management was very impressed with the determination and hard work she was putting in her studies and her passion of become aviation industry professional. Management decided to invest for her bright future. Be Educated initiated fundraising to support both siblings. Ruddra was sent to Laptop repair and networking vocational course immediately, however after successfully completing his course he chose to work at bakery shop because his prolong heath issues.

Tooilka back and forth coordinated with Chetna and learned about her passion. She choose Frankfin Academy to fulfil her dreams. After several rounds of discussions with the manager of the academy, Toolika managed to get her admission and supported Chetna emotionally as well. She was enrolled for a 15-month course and continued her graduation as well. The BeEducated Movement supported the fees and all kind of related expenditure including for her necessary travelling. Toolika kept an eye on Chetna’s progress and continuously motivating her during her down time. She also arranged some mock interview sessions with her Air Hostess friends to give her confidence and groom her personally accordingly.

As the time passed by, spring blossomed into the life of Chetna, the hard work of everyone come to fruition. She got an opportunity for two interviews at Mumbai, With the blessing of Almighty, after five rounds of interviews, she has been selected as ground staff at Mumbai international airport and at the office of ITC hotel group. She chose to work at Mumbai international airport with a handsome salary and determined to continue her graduation while working!

Her passion got wings of success and a direction to move forward with confidence; her eyes have a sparkle; her dreams came true! She became very emotional after getting the offer letter; tears suddenly gushed into her dreamy and confident eyes – but that were tears of joy!

Though she was very much thankful for the Be Educated Movement and had no words to describe, it was a great moment of delight for the Management and staff – it was a celebrative moment to rejoice. The emotional and financial support bought desired result and the life of Chetna is put on a right track of success and her dream!

Be Educated Movement congratulates and wishes Chetna good luck for her future endeavors!