Save Kunals Life

In September 2016, we learned that one of our library members was struggling for his life and needed immediate help. Fifteen-year-old Kunal belongs to library in UP.  He has been diagnosed with bone cancer and is undergoing treatment in TATA Memorial Cancer Institute, Mumbai. His father Promod is an electrician and barely makes Rs 6000 (Less than $80) per month through his job. There was no medical insurance, so the entire cost had to be paid by his family.  The family was financially broken, just covering expenses to diagnose the disease. They borrowed money from all their sources and did not see any further hope from friends and relatives.

Promod applied for financial aid from the government but has had no luck so far. Staying in Mumbai during the treatments and traveling itself were huge expenses. He did his best to save the life of his child but did not know how much longer he could make ends meet. Kunal’s future was completely dark, and he needed our motivation and support so that he could continue his education and fight the disease.

We spoke to Kunal and his father. Kunal is in hospital and getting his second chemotherapy treatment. The doctor has yet to do surgery to remove a tumor from his leg. Because of the lack of funds, the family has to reschedule the surgery, however, the doctor has given them a final date, telling them every day counts. The new date is Nov 17. Treatment will cost approximately Rs 250,000 ( $3800)

We stood up to help Kunal and raised funds for his surgery.


The campaign started on Sep. 20, 2016 and ended on Oct 15, 2016.  We collected $3,935 and sent it directly to his father’s account.


Kunal Kumar, father of Pramod Kumar – 011-91-9935708286, 91-9532835201

Kunal is doing great !

February 18, 2017. Just got a message and pictures. It seems Kunal is doing great and back to normal life after his final chemotherapy and surgery. This year he started his study from home.