Clean Water for Children

It came to our attention that many people, especially children, are dying and becoming ill due to a dramatic increase in the spread of waterborne diseases.This is due to the contamination in the drinking water in Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh India, an area where we have opened one of the Be Educated Libraries. We found two reasons: one is lack of awareness about clean water; and the other is the availability of drinkable water. Nearby water sources had been completely polluted. We had the water tested and found that it was poisonous. We ran a campaign to bring awareness and also install a water treatment plant.

Thanks to Ray Prasad Ji for coming forward and funding this entire project at this library.


Over 500 impoverished families, not limited to the library members, can now get five gallons of purified water at no cost.


We have installed a 1000-liter-per-hour capacity water treatment plant using Reverse Osmosis technology (RO) with 1000-liter water storage tanks and a water cooling system. This project was completed in 2017-18 and continues to serve the community. All machines and filters are covered under an annual maintenance contract.


The completed project cost was $6,300 that includes annual maintenance for 2019-20. The entire cost was funded by Ray Prasad (USA).

Self-sustaining model

This water treatment plant was handed over to Kushar (Be Educated librarian) with a condition that he will first serve the local community and sell leftover water to others to help cover electricity and future maintenance costs.


Be Educated Library
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