Be Well Health Camp

In cities, people have more medical resources and fundamental health information. In remote villages of underdeveloped and developing nations.Lack of basic health care is a major cause of concern and one that takes lives. For example, there are many children who cannot read or write owing to eyesight issues. Blood anemia is very common among girls, and adults have hygiene problems that affect their health and can even lead to death. Fatalities like these can be avoided.


Keeping those in consideration Be Educated started ‘Be Educated – Be Well’, a full day health camp program in the year 2015.

In this program, doctors were on site to do health screening of all participants, and our trained coordinators educated the local community about early disease detection, preventative care, and living a healthy life. We provided separate sessions for girls on hygiene and women’s health issues and concerns followed up with a health quiz competition.

The program cost about $200 per location. The health camps were successfully held at our 59 library locations in Assam, AP, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, UP, Bihar, MP, Haryana, Rajasthan and Telangana states of India as well as 12 locations in Nepal and 10 locations in the Sindh province of Pakistan. On average 40-50 children were screened at each location. We also released a poster to mark this occasion.

Activities/Tasks during the Camp

Heath Awareness Topic

  • Dental Hygiene
  • General Hygiene – How to avoid common diseases like Cough, Flu, Food Poisoning and infections
  • Living Healthy Life – Exercises, Eliminating Stress and healthy food (Food Pyramid)
  • How Smoking/Tobacco/Alcohol affects your body
  • Know the Diseases – First Sign and Symptom
  • Blood Sugar, Heart Attack/Stroke, Cancer, TB

Screening by Doctor

  • Body Mass Index (Height and Weight)
  • Vision and Hearing Test
  • Blood Pressure
  • Clinical Test for Blood Anemia
  • Clinical Test for Stomach Worm
  • Clinical Test for Vitamin Deficiency
  • Follow-up and Recommendations

Women’s Health (special session for Girls only)

  • Explain Women Reproduction System Diagram
  • What is Menstruation Cycle?
  • The myth about the Menstruation Cycle
  • What should be taken care of during this period
  • Relief medication to avoid pain
  • When should you contact Doctor