Help for Schools Damaged in Nepal Earthquakes

In the spring of 2015, two massive consecutive earthquakes in Nepal caused the loss of thousands of lives and huge structural damages. Most of the buildings either collapsed or were damaged.

School buildings were also badly damaged, some of which included Be Educated Movement libraries and served children from below the poverty line. This disaster has developed fears and disrupted normal living requirements. Based on the Nepal government survey, 6,708 schools were damaged, and this has darkened the future of millions of children.

Temporary classrooms

Be Educated Movement is committed to sending children back to school by providing temporary classrooms constructed from zinc sheet (shown above in picture). We have chosen to begin with six schools where Be Educated libraries were established.

Cost estimate

To construct a 26×16 ft. hall, the cost is approximately 100,000 Nepalese currency ($1,000 USD). This cost covers all materials and labor.  One hall can hold up to two classes simultaneously and can be constructed quickly in 15 days. This can fulfill a very basic need for classrooms and help the school to reopen. In the meantime, the Nepal government is working to restore school buildings, which may take a few years. Once the building is restored this hall may be used as an additional facility such as a lobby or group study center.

School locations and contacts

  • Ravi OPI, VDC-1 Kavre – Shyam Sunder Parajuli (9841626715)
  • Shyampati, VDC-2 Kavre – AtmaramAdhikari (9841980041)
  • Chalal VDC-1,parthali,Kavre – Ram Krishna Shrestha (9751040005)
  • VDC-8, Bhagwatisthan, Kavre – Dayarampoudel (9841462849)
  • Panchkhal, Bhamarkot, Kavre – Bandika Subedi (9860430069)
  • Naksikasthan 7 Kavre – Surendra Raj Kharel (98404727801)

Project Completed in the year 2015

Project Manager

Ashok Shrestha – 9841692901