Art Competition

In 2012, Be Educated Movement Inc. organized a drawing competition in India, Nepal and Pakistan for children of grades 5 and 6 from the Be Educated libraries. Children were given different themes to draw using colored pencils in a 90-minute time frame. Sixteen of the best drawings were awarded Rs.2000 each. The program was created to encourage creativity and promote art.

Sponsored By

Fund Raised from – The Power of ONE 2012

Program Manager

Mr. Ashish Shrestha, the country coordinator for Nepal

Estimated Project Cost: $3000

Country Coordinators

– Ved Prakash Azad – 91 9415544588 (India)
– Ashish Shrestha – 97 79841692901 (Nepal)
– Ramesh Lohana – 92 3332712501 (Pakistan)


Over Rs. 2,000 in Local Currency for 16 selected entries. Total 32,000 local currency in cash and certificates

Drawing Themes for the Art Competition

  • Save Mother Earth
  • Stop Pollution
  • My Dream Home
  • Let us go to School
  • My Dream City


  • Maria Ruffin (Teacher and Artist)
  • John Waters (Artist)
  • Linda Laird (Teacher)
  • Sarah Hastings (Teacher)
  • Supreet Verma (S/W Engineer)
  • Vinita Kumar (Artist)


The competition was held at more than 75 Be Educated libraries for 5th and 6th grade students. About 1,200 students from India, Nepal and Pakistan took an active part in the 2012 art competition. Selection of top drawings went through a rigorous benchmarking and evaluation process until finally, 16 entries were chosen for the cash prize of Rs. 2000 each. Twelve drawings out of these were selected for the “Be Educated Calendar” for Year 2014/2015.

The participating kids have done a fabulous job with the theme, artwork, imagination and color selection. Judges were stunned by the beautiful creations and imagination of 5th and 6th graders and had a tough time finalizing the winners. They had to go through multiple reiterations before making final decisions. They examined the drawings for those that reflected the theme, had details and fit for the calendar. Points were given for the theme, artistic endeavor, imagination and completeness. Kudos to all the participants and Be Educated Teams in India, Nepal and Pakistan and all the librarians for carrying out this program.


Laiba (Pakistan – PK008)
Ayush Sharma (India – MP004)
Susmita Atmaram (India – MH002)
Tisa Yadav (India – CH002)
Moazma Shafique (Pakistan – PK005)
Anzu Tomang (Nepal – NP004)
Sonal Babaso Jodhar (India – MH005)
Shri Bijit Konware (India – AS003)
Zara Abid (Pakistan – PK001)
Ranjumaya Tomang (Nepal – NP003)
Mayda (Pakistan – PK001)
N Sai Kiran (India – TN001)
Bhavya Singh (India – BR001)
Abhishek (India – UK001)
Mariam (Pakistan – PK007)
Dharmendra Kumar (India – UP005