Education, My Right – Commencement of a New Program in Durg (Chhattisgarh) – Report by Falendra Kumar

Education, My Right – Commencement of a New Program in Durg (Chhattisgarh) – Report by Falendra Kumar

A new initiative is being undertaken by the Be Educated Movement in the continuous effort for the holistic development of youth, named “Education, My Right”.

Under this program, a thorough examination of the physical, mental, and educational levels of students in primary, middle, and high schools is conducted. Recognition is given to outstanding students at all three levels through sports competitions and educational exams. Report in Hindi

As part of the program, four students selected at the higher secondary level are provided with a “Book Voucher” worth 1500 rupees by the Be Educated Movement. Additionally, they are offered “Free Tuition Classes” by redeeming the voucher. The Book Voucher allows students to acquire study materials of their choice, worth 1500 rupees, from selected bookstores, meeting their academic needs.

Selected students at the higher secondary level are also awarded a tree plantation activity, and a pledge is taken to protect these plants, encouraging their connection with nature alongside personal development.

The Be Educated Movement organized the “Education, My Right” program in Adarsh Gram Kodiyā, District Durg (Chhattisgarh), from November 4th to November 5th, 2023. The event took place at Gayatri Gyan Mandir premises in Adarsh Gram Kodiyā. The program was conducted with the representation of B Educated Movement by Mr. Deep Kumar Gaur and members of the Shourya Yuva Sangathan, including Falendra Kumar, Aditya Bhardwaj, Gayatri Nishad, Suresh Sahu, and Mr. Umesh Sahu, the guardian of Gayatri Parivar Kodiyā.

The program was organized in the following phases:

1. Student Registration:
The first step involves registering students willing to participate in the “Education, My Right” program. On the designated date of November 4, 2023, all children were invited to the specified location after school hours. A total of 65 students from primary to class 11 were registered in a systematic manner.

2. Health Check-up:
After completing the registration process, a health check-up was initiated to assess the physical well-being of the students. The team conducted height measurements, weight assessments, dental and nail check-ups for each student. Additionally, students were provided with tokens of appreciation and advice on daily exercise and proper nutrition for those showing signs of insufficient development.

3. Running Competition:
On November 5, 2023, a running competition was held at 10:00 AM for students from primary, middle, and high school levels. The team marked a designated distance of 100 meters, and participants were given instructions and rules. The competition was conducted enthusiastically, and winners at the primary and middle school levels were noted.

4. Educational Examination:
To assess the mental development of the children, an educational examination was conducted covering mathematical, logical, general knowledge, and language skills. The examination was held at three levels – primary, middle, and high school.

5. Award Ceremony:
A ceremony to honor and reward the selected students from the running competition and the written examination was organized on November 5, 2023, at 4:00 PM. Mr. Umesh Sahu, a respected citizen of Adarsh Gram Kodiyā and coordinator of Gayatri Parivar, graced the event as the chief guest. The ceremony was presided over by Mr. Deep Kumar Gaur, who provided detailed information about the program. Following this, selected students were awarded and a brief snack was provided to all participants.

“Book Voucher”:
As part of the educational examination, four students selected at the higher secondary level were provided with a “Book Voucher,” enabling them to obtain study materials of their choice worth 1500 rupees from selected bookstores.

“Free Tuition Classes”:
Additionally, the four students selected at the higher secondary level were given a package that included the “Book Voucher” along with enrollment in free tuition classes. This package not only provides coaching at the local level but also offers career guidance.

The “Education, My Right” program successfully integrated health, sports, and education, promoting the overall development of the youth in Adarsh Gram Kodiyā.

6.  Tree Plantation:
Four plants were planted by the selected children in the educational examination competition, and a commitment was made to their preservation. Thus, with the proclamation of victory chants like “Bharat Mata Ki Jai,” “Jai Hind,” and “Vande Mataram,” the “Education, My Right” program concluded.

India is a developing country with a majority of its population residing in villages. The primary occupation in villages is agriculture and labor, where traditional farming practices still prevail. Kodiyā, a village in the Durg district of Chhattisgarh state, is one such village where 90% of the youth are economically backward and belong to middle-class families. They require support from other entities to shape their future through the medium of education. In this context, the program “Education, My Right” initiated by the B Educated Movement is nothing less than a boon.

Competitive exams are prevalent today for securing government jobs and venturing into the business sector for future development. In this scenario, organizing competitive exams at the initial level by the B Educated Movement not only instills a sense of competition among selected children but is beneficial for all students participating in the competition, whether in the field of education or sports.

The program conducted by the Be Educated Movement, supported by the U.S.A., aims to generate awareness among students regarding education, health, sports, and the environment. Providing study materials and coaching to children every year paves the way for their success.

It is crucial for this program to expand to every corner of the country, and there is a need for extensive publicity through news media. This will enable not only the higher class but also other social service organizations to contribute to such programs for the benefit of the nation.

Falebdra Kumar
Social Worker
Village Kodiya, Durg, Chattishghar (india)