Education is My Right – 2nd Center at Village Tenali, Bapatla AP

Education is My Right – 2nd Center at Village Tenali, Bapatla AP

In the southern part of India, approximately 52 kilometers away from the Bapatla district in Andhra Pradesh, there is a town named Tenali. About 10 kilometers from Tenali is a small village called Manduru. The total population of Manduru is 2500, and the majority of the people in this village rely on farming for their livelihoods, with a predominant population from the general and scheduled caste communities. Despite having a school up to the 10th grade, many children in Manduru discontinue their education after that. Therefore, there is a need to motivate and uplift the children for further education and progression.

Program Overview:

  • Date Opened: 11/24/2023 program runs till 12/31/2024

Activities and Participation:

  1. Health Checkup:
    • Children Enrolled: 37
    • BMI, Hygiene Check, and Vision Test Conducted
  2. Unity Race:
    • Total Participants: 37 (divided into two groups)
    • 4 Trees Planted with yearlong care promised by the winners.
  3. IQ Tests:
    • Group A (1st and 2nd Graders): 4 participants
    • Group B (3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders): 12 participants
    • Group C (6th, 7th, and 8th Graders): 14 participants
    • Group D (9th and 11th Graders): 7 participants

Winners and Awards:

  1. Unity Race Winners (Sports Accessories worth Rs 400 each):
    • M Dhanush
    • N Ananya
    • Salman Raju J
    • D Kirthi
    • Ranthna Sathwik P
    • K rechal
    • Raja Gracious
    • K Dudivya
  2. Group A Winners (Activity Book Set worth Rs 500 each):
    • M Dhanush
    • J Aashirya
    • N Abhilash
  3. Group B Winners (Activity Book Set worth Rs 500 each):
    • D Kirthi
    • K Anshitha Princy
    • K Sam Susan
    • J Salman Raju
    • P Sandhya Keerthana
    • K Princy
  4. Group C Winners (Science Kit and Inspirational Books worth Rs 1000 each):
    • K Mahima
    • J Pramila Rani
    • K Rishi
    • Divyashri
    • K Barnard Wesley
    • Mahi Babu
  5. Group D Winners (Book Voucher worth Rs 1500, Coaching Reimbursement upto Rs 15000 each, and Career Mentorship):
    • K Jwala Tanmai
    • K Sudivya
    • A Raja Gracious
    • K Debora

Upcoming Activities:

  • 20 Sunday Classes for elementary Schoolers
  • Annual Day Celebration
  • Mentorship Sessions

Local Coordinators:

  • J Salman Raju: +91 99489792972
  • K Poulus Babu: +91 9542516192

Program Coordinator: Deep Gaur :+91 9450580337