Education is My Right – 1st Center at Village Kodiya, Durg Chattishghar

Education is My Right – 1st Center at Village Kodiya, Durg Chattishghar

In the Durg district of Chhattisgarh, approximately 12 kilometers away, there is a village named Adarsh Gram Kodiyā. The total population of the village is around 2000, and most of the residents depend on farming and labor for their livelihoods. The village has a school up to the 12th grade, and children who aspire for college education usually move to larger cities like Durg or Bhilai. However, the majority of the children in the village, after completing the 12th grade, engage in farming, agriculture, and labor. It is essential to provide encouragement and support to the children of this village to shape their future.

Program Overview:

  • Date Opened: 11/07/2023 program runs till 12/31/2024

Activities and Participation:

  1. Health Checkup:
    • Children Enrolled: 62
    • BMI, Hygiene Check, and Vision Test Conducted
  2. Unity Race:
    • Total Participants: 62(divided into two groups)
    • 4 Trees Planted with yearlong care promised by the winners.
  3. IQ Tests:
    • Group A (1st and 2nd Graders): 07 participants
    • Group B (3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders): 16participants
    • Group C (6th, 7th, and 8th Graders): 13 participants
    • Group D (9th and 11th Graders): 24 participants

Winners and Awards:

  1. Unity Race Winners (Sports Accessories worth Rs 400 each):
    • Khemlata
    • Chandrika Yadav
    • Ishita Nishad
    • Ivandra
    • Mansi Yadav
    • Divya Yadav
    • Bhupendra Sahu
    • Tara Sahu
  2. Group A Winners (Activity Book Set worth Rs 500 each):
    • Muskaan
    • Chandrakala
    • Mauli
  3. Group B Winners (Activity Book Set worth Rs 500 each):
    • Poonam
    • Harshit
    • Kiran
    • Pukeshwari
    • Fameshari Sahu
    • Dirstee
  4. Group C Winners (Science Kit and Inspirational Books worth Rs 1000 each):
    • Himanshu Bhardawaj
    • Rohan Bhardawaj
    • Vidhi Sahu
    • Ananya Nishad
    • Mansi Yadav
    • Tulsi Yadan
  5. Group D Winners (Book Voucher worth Rs 1500, Coaching Reimbursement upto Rs 15000 each, and Career Mentorship):
    • Laalima Thakur
    • Monika Bharudwaj
    • Pragya Yadav
    • Dinesh kosre

Upcoming Activities:

  • 20 Sunday Classes for elementary Schoolers
  • Annual Day Celebration
  • Mentorship Sessions

Local Coordinators:

  • Fadendra  Patel: +91 6260628404
  • Ravi Sahu: +91  7697120683
  • Aditya Bhardwaj: +91 8839162731

Program Coordinator: Deep Gaur :+91 9450580337