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Success Academy is divided into two groups Success Academy Competitive and Success Academy for Rising Stars.

1. Success Academy Competitive: 

(Due to Pandemic this program has not been started yet. Rather we have started Success Academy for Rising Stars. See Details below)

Program is designed to prepare students who want to participate low grade competitive examinations, strengthen their English and analytical ability and to provide them with computer education so that they can have a better chance of getting a job.

Success Academy will assign a mentor for every three children. This mentor will guide, support and motivate the students and seek to develop hidden talents and entrepreneurship.

Once a year Success Academy will celebrate a Success Day where each mentor group can display their project prototype or present their idea that promotes innovation and reflects entrepreneurship.


There are several studies that indicate a wide gap between rural and urban education. For instance, in rural areas people earn daily wages for their livelihood, and education is secondary for them.

The way of teaching also differs in urban schools. While the teaching methodology in rural schools is still primitive, the urban schools are keen on adopting modern ways of teaching like concept learning and focusing on the development of each student.

The real problem arises when these students go to competitive job examinations. Even for the low-paying jobs they often fail. A ripple effect happens. After seeing older students fail to succeed, younger students lose hope and drop out of school.

Locations for 2020

  • One in Nepal
  • One in Uttar Pradesh
  • One in Bihar
  • One in Chhattisgarh
  • One in Assam

Total: 5 Locations


Boys or girls who have completed their 10th  grade and are interested in competitive examination with their studies are eligible. Due to our limited resources, we have identified only 10 candidates to be enrolled under this program at this time.

What We Are Providing

  • 60 hours English Prep (90 minutes session once a week)
  • 60 hours Reasoning Prep (90 minutes session once a week)
  • 40 hours General Knowledge Sharing Session (60 minutes session once a week)
  • 40 hours Computer Theory (60 minutes session once a week)
  • 5 books on MS Office to share
  • Competitive exam guidebooks
  • 2 hours of dedicated computer practice time per week.
  • Mentor (for three students maximum)

Expense Details

  • Guide books and computer books: $150
  • Blackboard and teaching supplies: $100
  • Tuition fees for teachers: $1,400
  • Success Academy day (Prototype and Ideas to display): $250
  • Place rental: $150
  • Computer center rental: $350

Total: $2,400 Per location

Total funds needed $12,000 for 5 locations

Program Coordinator

Rajeev Kumar – 91-99278 89109 or email:

2. Success Academy for Rising Stars

This 25-week program is designed for children age 6-10 years living in slum areas. Our plan is to engage those children with pandemic-safe educational activities. We are enrolling 40-45 children at each location.

What we are providing:

We will provide each enrolled child with a bag filled with workbooks, coloring supplies, educational materials and games, uniforms, and two face masks (during the current pandemic).

This project is designed not only to help children but to provide job opportunities for needy youth and help local businesses.

Activities :

Every Sunday our team of volunteers (two teachers and one assistant) will visit and give children work focusing on math, English and Hindi. Lessons will be activity-based and fun. For their participation children will get healthy snacks at the end of each session.

Covid19 guidelines: These will NOT be regular classes. Volunteers will follow the pandemic guideline and local regulations. Face masks and social distancing are required for all. During each session, teachers will provide a small assignment to children and they will complete those assignments at their homes and return them to the teacher. The teacher will work with only two students at a time.  A maximum of three assignments will be given to the children per session.

While performing group activities volunteers must follow local guidelines and all group activities must be conducted outside.

Budget for one location (25 sessions)

  • Uniform (pant and shirt) for 40 children – $300
  • Bag, books, and supplies – $500
  • Two teachers and one assistant – $900
  • Food – $300

Total: $2,000 (total $14,000 for seven locations)

Locations for 2020:

  1. Lucknow Ballu Adda (started)
  2. Lucknow Luv Kush Nagar Slum (started)
  3. Slum in Dehradun (started)
  4. Slum in Indore (started)
  5. Slum in Rajkot (started)
  6. Slum in Chennai
  7.  Slum in Pune

Program Coordinator

Toolika Garg – 91-83750 65167
Barkha Harjani – 91-90260 75518


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