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Success Academy is divided into two groups Success Academy foundation class and Success Academy catch-up program.

1. Success Academy – Foundation Class: 

Education can change lives; basic education is very important to build a strong foundation for future.

Program is designed to strengthen elementary school children education from class K-5 belong to slum and remote villages where school education is just a formality.

Special worksheets same as Kumon program are designed to help children to be a master in each topic as per their individual capacities. Students must complete 12 worksheets with 70% score to complete a level. On average student can complete 8-10 levels (120+120 worksheets) of Math and English in one year. This program eliminates teacher’s teaching capability as it was challenged getting in village and slum areas.


There are several studies that indicate a wide gap between rural and urban education. For instance, in rural areas people earn daily wages for their livelihood, and education is secondary for them.

The way of teaching also differs in urban schools. While the teaching methodology in rural schools is still primitive, the urban schools are keen on adopting modern ways of teaching like concept learning and focusing on the development of each student at very early age.

The real problem arises when these students go to middle or high school they start drop out of school.

Through our programs our intent is to generate some part time employment opportunities for the local talented youth. It helps them continue their studies; same time they help us running our program. Each center generates one employment opportunity specially in slum and village area. Teacher provides space at their home to run this program.

Locations for 2022 (as Pilot)

  • 3 in Uttar Pradesh
  • One in Bihar
  • One in Uttrakhand
  • One in Pune

Total in 2022: 6 Locations
Total in 2023: Launching at 50 new locations in India and Nepal


We are opening centers in villages and slum area. Each center may have up-to 20 students right now from K-5 but we are planning tom extend up to 8th grade.

What We Are Providing

  • Worksheets of 4 pages each for English and Math designed by Be Educated.
  • 2 hours worksheet session 2 days a week
  • 2 hour a week on communication and story telling
  • All supplies
  • Story Book Library
  • Mentor (for three students maximum)

Expense Details

  • Teacher expenses – $700 annual
  • Worksheet expenses – $300 annual

Total: $1000 Per location annually

Program Coordinator

Mukandra K – 91-81739 91594

2. Success Academy for Rising Stars


This 25-week program is designed for children age 6-10 years living in slum areas. Our plan is to engage those children with pandemic-safe educational activities. We are enrolling 40-45 children at each location.

What we are providing:

We will provide each enrolled child with a bag filled with workbooks, coloring supplies, educational materials and games, uniforms, and two face masks (during the current pandemic).

This project is designed not only to help children but to provide job opportunities for needy youth and help local businesses.

Activities :

Every Sunday our team of volunteers (two teachers and one assistant) will visit and give children work focusing on math, English and Hindi. Lessons will be activity-based and fun. For their participation children will get healthy snacks at the end of each session.

Covid19 guidelines: These will NOT be regular classes. Volunteers will follow the pandemic guideline and local regulations. Face masks and social distancing are required for all. During each session, teachers will provide a small assignment to children and they will complete those assignments at their homes and return them to the teacher. The teacher will work with only two students at a time.  A maximum of three assignments will be given to the children per session.

While performing group activities volunteers must follow local guidelines and all group activities must be conducted outside.

Budget for one location (25 sessions)

  • Uniform (pant and shirt) for 40 children – $300
  • Bag, books, and supplies – $500
  • Two teachers and one assistant – $900
  • Food – $300

Total: $2,000 (total $14,000 for seven locations)

Locations for 2020:

  1. Lucknow Ballu Adda (started)
  2. Lucknow Luv Kush Nagar Slum (started)
  3. Slum in Dehradun (started)
  4. Slum in Indore (started)
  5. Slum in Rajkot (started)
  6. Slum in Chennai
  7.  Slum in Pune

Program Coordinator

Toolika Garg – 91-83750 65167



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