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The COVID-19 pandemic, similar to previous natural disasters, has and is expected to further exacerbate inequalities faced by many in our communities. Individuals most impacted by the pandemic are those that were already economically and socially marginalized due to historical inequities, including low-income families with children, children, youth, and those who live in foster care, and children and youth living with disabilities. These groups in particular need immediate support now and in the future to address long-lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Findings:

  • Many families who lost only earning members during Covid-19. They are financially broken and have no support. Children’s education discontinued.
  • Families of low earning jobs like maid servants, watchmen, laborers had lost their job during the pandemic. While schools reopened they were forced to pay fees dues for the closure period. Inability to pay they are being disenrolled from school.
  • Children from low income specially living in slums and villages have not gone to school in almost two years, there is a lot to catch up with their studies.
  • Most of the government schools could not conduct online classes during school closing time.
  • Girls are being dropped out from schools at a very high rate.

What should be done to address the problem:

  • Help families in purchasing school supplies, books and uniforms for children.
  • In case of disenrolled from school pay part or full school fees to help them out.
  • Provide additional coaching or tuition to help children catch up with their studies.
  • Hire local youth as teachers, it will help them earn some money, that helps families.
  • Re-create the environment of education in slum areas by providing some activity based learning.

Our Program focusing COVID-19 Rehab:

1. COVID Rehab – Getting Children back to Education:

In our first phase we have identified eight devastated families (15 children) , who are victim of the second wave in India. The worst part of these identified families was that the parents or the earning members were swallowed by the pandemic and left behind helpless young and adolescent children, who had no clue what to do.


Our help to Families: Counselling services, School fees, Books, uniform and monetary award after successfully completing the academic year.

Goal: 100 children. Fund: $20,000 ($200 per child)

2. BookAid – Books for Needy:

Especially in villages most of the people are financially broke, No job, while struggling to survive, it is very difficult for them to arrange money for books. Board examinations are critical specially for 10/12th graders, as it sets the path for the future. This program provides Board preparation reference Books. Those books are usually expensive.

Goal :500 students Fund: $7500 ($25 per student)

3. Rising Stars Success Academy – Sunday School

Children living in slums are among the worst sufferers of this pandemic, Almost two years they had no school and no learning. Last year to fill the gap we started this program and was a huge success. Over 300 children completed the curriculum in 6 slum areas of Dehradun, Rajkot, Indore, Lucknow and Pune cities. We are starting again in November and adding more locations.

Our program provides activity-based basic education on a weekly basis and ensures learning and participation in a lighter way. Same time program provides some income to local teachers who lost their jobs. Uniforms, Supplies and Snacks are also provided to children.

Goal : 25 weeks at 10 Locations. Fund: $12,500 ($1250 a Location)

4. Future Girlz – Ensuring Girls achieve Academic Success

Group of 15 10th grader girls have been selected from slums/villages and are being prepared to perform best in board examinations. We provide them specialized coaching and study material, and computer training at no cost.

Goal : 10 Locations. Fund: $21,000 ($2100 a Location)

5. Back to School – School Supplies for kids:
Providing School Bags, Water bottles , Workbook, notepads, coloring books, colors to celebrate their school openings.

Please Be a part of Project Supporting Together – We will bring smile and normal life back.


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