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The goal of this project is to provide children of the Home for Angels with the best possible environment where they can be raised for a better quality of life and get a strong education. This, in turn, will enable them to become self-reliant.


This project was initiated in January 2017 to provide an education to over 30 children of ages from 5 to 17 who lost their parents at a very early age due to HIV / AIDS and have been abandoned by relatives due to social stigma. Currently, these kids live with Mr. Reji’s family in the Panvel Mumbai area. Mr. Reji (aka Papa Reji) has adopted all of these children as his own. He is a pastor and a social worker who has dedicated his life to the betterment of these children.

The Challenge

Initially, the project was designed to provide quality education to these children. However, it was learned that many of them were depressed, sick and not doing well in school because of the disease and its side effects. Their enthusiasm was at the lowest, there was no glow in the eyes and many of them seemed to have lost hope.

Those concerned with the struggle these children faced developed a two-pronged strategy to help: 1) provide coaching in addition to school classes and 2) offer various activities for their social and psychological development.

Be Educated’s Home for Angels project provided motivation by hiring a sensitive and effective private after-school coach and tutor for higher grade students. These children found new hope and the school report cards reflect their positive progress.

The children are also involved in various extracurricular activities at home and outside to learn by observing and be self-sufficient while enjoying their lives.


We have a clear goal of making our children self-reliant. For this, we will provide the requisite skills not only through formal education but also through vocational training. We need to prepare and enable them to function in society. As part of this strategy, we are also providing regular medical consultancy to make them confident and motivated so they can pursue their interests and overcome their health challenges.

Accomplishments So Far

  • Bigger home on rent
  • Security camera, water purifier, TV, computer
  • Individual beds, study desk
  • Recreational toys and games, outdoor sports equipment
  • Musical instruments, library, school uniform
  • Tutor and counselor to monitor their progress
  • In 2020-21 Rudra passed 12th grade and ready for Vocational training
  • In 2020-21 Bharat, Rohit, Arief and Umesh passed 10th grade Board Exam – Many Congratulations
  • During pandemic all of our angles did online studies through out the year – Thanks to Pooja and Shivani

Current Initiative

We will continue to provide the rental home, educational books, and after-school coaching.

Expenses for 2021

    • Home rental: $1,700
    • Vocational training for Rudra (passed 12th grade in 2021)
    • School Fees Request for 4 11th and 4 12th graders – $570
    • Books: $200
    • Online Tuition cost: $3830 (We have two tutors and need to continue them)
    • Summer outdoor trip: Not planned due to COVID-19
    • Special summer classes for English speaking, music, craft: Not planned due to COVID-19
    • Christmas party: $200
    • One movie and dinner: Not planned due to COVID-19
    • Printer $150
    • Project Rudhra $850

    Total to support this project (2021): $7500

Project Rudra: After spending his childhood at Home for Angels with Reji family and successfully completing XII grade, Now Rudra will be starting a new journey of life.  Read more

Program Coordinator

Kashyap Sanghvi – 1-904-403-8251 or email:  homeforangels@beeducated.org


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