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“Education is my Right” Program: A movement that encourages and supports education of marginalized section children

“Education is my Right” program, a transformative initiative initiated by the Be Educated Movement, Collaboration with Be Educated India, Sikkhchit Banu Nepal, SAAR and DASARA. Our mission is to ignite the flames of education, awareness, health, and talent among children, ensuring that every young mind has the opportunity to flourish.

About the Program:
“Education is my Right” is a year-long endeavor designed to inspire, educate, and uplift the children of a selected village. Our multifaceted approach revolves around education, environmental consciousness, health awareness, and talent exploration. We believe that by nurturing these diverse aspects, we can create a generation of well-rounded individuals who are prepared to tackle challenges and embrace opportunities.

Current Locations:

  1. Village Taralahi, Darbhanga, Bihar, India
  2. Village Tenali, Bapatla AP, India
  3. Village Kodiya Durg, Chattishghar, India
  4. Village Khargupur Varanasi, UP, India
  5. Village Garyakole, Gorakhpur, UP, India

Key Highlights:

  • Scholarship Selection: We take pride in selecting four high school students (2 females and 2 males) from grades 9 and 11 through a rigorous assessment process that combines IQ testing, academic performance evaluation, and interviews. These deserving individuals will receive comprehensive support to excel in their academic pursuits. Additionally, two top-performing 12th-grade female students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds within the non-marginalized community will be granted scholarships for computer skill learning.
  • Computer Training: A female student who achieves the highest score in the 12th board examination will be eligible for an award of up to INR 5000. This award is specifically designated to cover the expenses of a computer training course, and the student can choose her preferred training center for this purpose. The objective is to encourage and support the academic achievements of female students by providing them with an opportunity to enhance their computer skills through a recognized training program.
  • Empowerment Resources: Each selected high school student will be provided with preparation materials for board exams, 15 months of personalized tutoring, and a dedicated mentor to help them achieve their aspirations.
  • Promoting Children’s Health: We will conduct health awareness activities, including measuring Body Mass Index (BMI), vision tests, and hygiene education for children.
  • Nurturing Young Minds: We will also recognizing talented students in middle and elementary school categories, fostering a passion for learning from a young age via our IQ testing methodology.
  • Comprehensive Activities: Throughout the year, a diverse range of programs will be available to cater to various interests and goals. These include health camps, sports events, talent shows, debates, and essay competitions, all aimed at enriching lives through diverse experiences.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Our high school scholarship recipients will contribute to environmental preservation by planting and caring for trees, instilling a sense of responsibility towards our planet.
  • Book Reading Club: To cultivate a passion for reading among very young children, the center will commence with a limited collection of books. The aim is to spark interest in reading from an early age. club will be managed by the 4 award recipients.
  • Sunday Classes: As part of our “Pay Back to Society” initiative, our awardees will lead 20 two-hour Sunday classes for elementary school children each year. These sessions will not only focus on engaging educational activities but also include fun-filled activities. Additionally, snacks will be provided after each class to ensure a wholesome learning experience.
  • Mentoring: As part of our dedication to shaping future leaders, we will connect high school scholarship recipients with accomplished mentors who will offer guidance, support, and inspiration on their educational journeys.

Budget Breakdown:

Our responsible allocation of resources ensures the success of “Education is my Right”:

  • 1. In person a day visit to do Location survey: $75
    2. Award and prerequisite Supplies: Total Rs. $150
    3. Coordinator Opening Visit Cost: Rs. $75
    4. Highschool Awardees Cost: $1000
    5. Computer Training expense: $75
    6. Sunday Classes: Total 20 Sundays:  $250
    7. Coordinator Annual Day Visit Cost:  $75
    8. Annual Day celebration:  $100
    9. Program coordination and Mentor Expense $100
  • Total: $1900 Per location 

Join us in shaping the future by providing education, nurturing talent, and fostering well-being. Together, we can empower children to create a brighter tomorrow.

Program Coordinator

Toolika Garg – +91 8375065167 or email:


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