A Journey from Despondency to HOPE – Project Rudra

A Journey from Despondency to HOPE – Project Rudra

After spending his childhood at Home for Angels with Reji family and successfully completing XII grade, Now Rudra will be starting a new journey of life.  He will be going back to home to continue his higher studies and to support financially her Mom and elder sister.

His Mom’s daily life is limited to work as a maid in seven houses in Nasik city of Maharashtra state after her husband’s demise because of HIV. She wears a shabby white saree to go to work and uses it to wipe her wrinkled skin. Her financial condition was not good to look after both the kids so she had dropped Rudra at ‘Home for Angles’ – a home for 34 HIV infected kids along with Papa Reji and Mrs Reji in Mumbai, which is supported by Be Educated.

With a dullness on her face due to the hardships of life, she was tired and shone less at her age, yet she didn’t lose hope of upbringing her children to a promising future. However, as a single parent, she was in the vicious circle of poverty, yet praying to God to shower his mercy on her family.

Rudra passed his Class XII this year in 2021 from Home for the Angels, despite all the challenges, as he was a sincere student. He was also firm in bringing up her family from poverty. He requested Be Educated for further support for some vocational training so he could start earning to support his family. However, after passing Class XII and due to the COVID 19 lockdown, he returned to his mother’s place at Nasik, anxious about his future.

Just few days after reaching home Amit  Raj from Be Educated team visited his home and met with family members. He discussed a plan of Be Educated has decided for Rudra a three-month hardware and laptop repair training course. Also, Rudra will be paid Rs 3500/month as the training place is quite far from his home. He can also continue his graduation course (B.A.) besides the vocational training. He will be turning 18 next year and will be independent enough to leap into the future. Goal is, to make Rudra independent while he turns 18. Total estimated project cost is $850. 

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After hearing this her mom’s eyes sparkled with happiness, though filled with cheerful tears, as now she could smell a sweet fragrance of future for his beloved Rudra…..!  Mr and Mrs reji are very happy about Rudra as well.

Note from Amit:

I met Rudra’s family on Sept, 5th Sunday. Spoke to them about vocational training for Rudra. Got him enrolled for computer hardware training course (https://www.pskitservices.com/computer-hardware-course-in-nagpur) which started on 6th Sep. Got to know about this course from one of the friends in the industry. The course contains H/w (1.5 months) + Networking (1.5 months) training. The batch is of small size (8), only 1 batch in 3 months & has almost 100% placement record. Got a +ve feedback from the Coach… as of now all is doing well and Rudra is enjoying. Local public transport is an issue so Meena drops Rudra by bicycle on to a route where he gets some transport. Rudra will also check on getting admitted to a college for his UG degree. Looking forward to everyone’s wishes & support. Thank you. with metta Amit Nandeshwar 9/14/2021

Reported by : Toolika