A flying dream – Thanks to Be Educated, this dream is able to become a reality

A flying dream – Thanks to Be Educated, this dream is able to become a reality
“Education is the key to unlocking the golden door of freedom.” -George Washington Carver
Chetna, a girl with big ambitions, lost her father at the age of three. This left her mother with the responsibility of raising her and her younger brother by herself. In order to support her family, Chetna’s mother started working as a housemaid. It was difficult for her to make ends meet, however, she was determined to give her children a good future. There came a point where the limited income was not enough to suffice for the needs of Chetna and her brother. With the hopes that her children could get an education, Chetna’s mother made the heartbreaking decision to send her kids to a foster home. Chetna and her brother both completed their high school education in foster care.
Since the age of two, Chetna would look up at the airplanes from her home in the slums with astonishment. She’d then run all over the neighborhood making airplane sounds, with her arms spanning wide like the wings of an aircraft. Ever since then, Chetna has dreamed of being a Flight Attendant.
When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, Chetna and her brother returned home to their mother. Her mother spent hours working as a maid bringing a minuscule income of 4000 Rupees a month. So, Chetna decided to take a job nearby to help with her family’s expenses. But, this job took a toll on her studies, and her dream of becoming an Air hostess was dwindling before her eyes. This was painful for Chetna, so she decided to research Air Hostess courses in a few institutes, only to find out that these her family could never afford to pay the high fees.
It is said that education is the first step for people to gain the critical thinking, empowerment, and skills they need to make this world a better place. Providing the right education, to the right person, at the right time, is the best investment one can make. And this was aptly done by Be Educated for Chetna. Be Educated arranged for her to be apply to the Franklin Institute, and she was soon admitted to the Air Hostess Program. The fees and other support were provided by the organization. Now, Chetna is pursuing her dream, and soon, she will graduate from the course with flying colors. Be Educated wishes her all the best to achieve her endeavors.